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Alexander wiped a bit of blood off his mouth and the liked it off his hand. It was nearly as good as human blood, but it’d have to do for now. When it was all over, he’d have a proper meal. Maybe that little dark haired girl that smelled so good. She would make a perfect meal, as long as he could stay away from her until then.
The camping saying of ‘Leave no trace’ especially applied to his kind. It was the easiest way to stop nosey humans. He chuckled at the memory of one such girl, how she shirked back from him when he told her her theory was correct. She had thought herself in love with the mystical being she believed him to be. Teenage girls always romanticized beings like him. It came from too many books and movies that never told the full truth.
Well, she wasn’t that hard to get rid of. He even gave her a head start, but it was still quick work, quick and very clean. No one noticed a thing; every detective in the area was stumped. He still had all the articles written about the girl’s disappearance. His favorite theory they came up with was that she ran off with a boy she was seeing that her parents didn’t approve of.
He started to hide the mess when he heard footsteps. Not wanting to be found out yet, he ran off. The rain would always clean up the mess later. Besides, most people would think another animal had done it.
He got back to his room just as it started to rain.
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Matilda continued to sleep, her meds always did that. She slept for another hour or so and woke up suddenly. She blinked and looked at Seth "Why does it feel like I was hit by a train?" she asked as she sat up and looked around. She sighed " Is it true, is Keahi really back?" she asked in shock. She always remembered her brother for all he did for her. She loved him for it but last year after their mother was killed he started to hate her, maybe it was because she was not as anger as he was or that she didn't want to be in the fight that her father was planning she didn't know.

She smiled to Seth, " You didn't have to stay" she said with a smile.


Keahi sat in the study of his fathers house, he did not dare go anywhere until his dad came home, the boy knew he was in trouble and was going to get more of it when and if he got home. The school day was going to end soon and both Mattie and their father would be coming home for dinner. He picked up a book and started to read it as he waited.


Eletra sighed as she walked into her dorm and slammed the door, not caring if her room mate was there or not the lights went on and off as she flinked the switch, she was not sure why she did it, maybe to scare the girl, but then again she didn't even know what to do at this point. She knew she could't get into anymore trouble for right now, the Dean would kill her. She laid on her bed and sighed " What to do now"
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Here is the list of all characters. Their powers. If they are for or against the Dean and where they currently are. Also if they have been to see the Dean in his meet and greet.

The Dean/Dean Martin – hypnosis with his eyes. He has a son Keahi and a daughter Matilda. He is currently angered at Keahi and worried about Matilda. His ex-wife Maggie used them all for their powers, trying to control them. Now he wants revenge against normal people who would use them.

Keahi Martin – creates fire. He is the Dean’s son. He has currently drugged Matilda to get her to realize she needs to be with him and their father. He has met with the Dean.

Seth Hunter – telekinesis (he pulls things) He is against the Dean. He is currently with Matilda in her room while she recovers. He does xtasy. He hasn’t met with the Dean.

Joseph Hunter – telekinesis (he pushes things) he is against the Dean. He went skateboarding and is currently lost. Might be hurt. He has met the Dean.

Lyra Spencer – darkness. She is with the Dean. She found the remains of an animal in the forest. She realizes something weird is in there. She met Rydia and likes her. She is on her way to find her brother Leo. She has met the Dean.

Alexander Bludstone – vampire. He is with the Dean. Went to feed in the forest and is now back in his room. He has met the Dean.

Matilda Martin – telepathy. She is the Dean’s daughter. She is against the Dean. She is currently asleep in her room with Seth watching over her. She has met the Dean.

Xavier Christian – sound. He is against the Dean. He is walking around outside the dorms angry with Keahi and Elektra. He hasn’t met the Dean yet.

Perrin O’Connell – entrances with dancing. She is with the Dean. She is in her room. She hasn’t met the Dean yet.

Lonan “Imp” McTavish – teleport (a demon) He is against the Dean. Hi is in his room. He hasn’t met the Dean yet.

Debra Locke – creates and controls water. She is against the Dean. She is in her room with Leo, Rai, and Crystal talking about he Dean and had accidentally started to reveal her power to them. She hasn’t and doesn’t have to meet with the Dean because she is an old student.

Crystal Deven – ice. She is against the Dean. She is in her room with Leo, Rai, and Debra. She has met the Dean.

Mystique Deven – air. She is against the Dean. She is walking back to the dorm. She started to spill about her powers to the Dean. She has met the Dean.

Rai Deven – electriciry. He is currently neutral because of his sisters. He is in his sister’s room with Leo, Crystal, and Debra. He hasn’t met the Dean yet.

Elektra – fire. She is with the Dean. She has returned to her dorm after a quick getting in trouble with the Dean. She has met with the Dean.

Leo Spencer – Darkness. He is against the Dean. He is in Debra’s room with leo, Rai, and Crystal. He hasn’t met with the Dean yet.

Rydia Hunter – hears and talks to plants. She is with the Dean. She is in her room talking to Aren about the new Dean. She hasn’t met with the Dean yet.

Soran Kimoru – grows plants. He is with the Dean. Hasn’t shown up yet.

Cameron Solace – shifts metal. He is against the Dean. Hasn’t shown up yet.

Aren Redwing – transforms into an eagle. She is against the Dean. She is in her room with Rydia. She hasn’t met the Dean yet.

Randy Anderson – transforms into a wolf. He is against the Dean. He is in his room. He hasn’t met with the Dean yet.

I'd like for us all to start posting tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone together again.
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Hey all. Sorry about the huge break. Lots in my head and my characters got shoved out of my head. Sorry about that. I'm gonna take a a few minutes either today or tomorrow to scan past entries and make a synopis of where everyone is. Maybe I'll do it tonight since I'll be seeing boltfaerie and she can help me.
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So anyone thinking of bringing this back into fruition? i've got like 7 characters hanging out in my head that won't leave me alone at the moment.
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*Xavier stands outside the door room of Mattie as her father and boyfriend hover over her. he heres her asking for water and goes to the drink machine and gets her a water out then comes back. He pulls out a card and writes something, then hands them both to Seth* here it's my number, call me sometime. You did good *he smiles* thanks *he knows he did the work however if Mattie was to ever say anything to him, he is just going to say Seth did it all. he was there for the ride. He doesn't think lying to the girl is a bad thing. He thinks Seth is ok. Doesn't want to block the boys play.* Dean Martin I am sure will talk soon about this little issue. *he turns and walks out. those two, the Dean's Son and that yappy dog of his need to be taught a lesson or two, but as holmes once said, "revenge is a dish best served cold". At present he is now walking across the quad.*
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Matilda stayed still as her dad pulled her close, she again could not hear him other all the voice, she rested her head agaisnt wall as she jumped when the door slammed and then Seth was screaming in her head again. She shock her head trying to answer him. She picked up the pill that laid in front of her and looked at it, she blinked as she noticed that it was not one of the ones he was giving students. She weakly tried to stand up but fell again. She looked at her father and Seth " I need some water" she said softly

Elektra sighed as she took Keahi's hand " come on Sweetheart lets get going I know we are in trouble" she said as she kissed his cheek and looked at Xavier " you better watch who you are calling a dog" she whispered back to him.

Keahi laughed " Elektra sweetie, leave the child alone" he said as he walked over to Xavier " You my friend are to cocky and that will get you into a lot of trouble" he said as he took Elektra's hand and walked to the deans offices as they waited for him to come back.
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*He puts the girl on the bed and looks at Seth* be cool man, she will be fine.. *as the dean barks off orders to the two pissants he looks at the two in a whisper first to Elektra.* yappy dogs need to learn to be quite before someone blows the dog whisle to make them behave. *then to Keahi* your own sister... you must have ice water in your viens. I pity your future *he walks out, they can't really tell if he said anything, it's so airy like the wind, impossible to overhear if heard at all (no powers just very quite) *reopens the door, and walks outside. he leans against the wall out side of maddie's room, putting out a pack of camels and lighting one up with a match* I hope your daughter is better Dean Martin. Yet been here *he looks at his watch* less than 6 hours and someone was attacked, nice college you got here. *he ashes on the floor* well now what? *he ashes again. his hair long eyes dark earings in each ear, in a Queen t-shirt, and his guitar on his back. oh he is american badass rock and roll kid.*
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Elektra blinked at Xavier holding back her anger so she didn't blast him with her power, she stood there has they walked by her, she turned and followed them " I really must insist that you that me help her, The Dean hates seeing her around boys" she said as she followed them up the stairs. She started to get annoyed as the lights went out and then back on and just when she was going to attack them she turned to hear the Dean " Dean Martin! It wasn't your son I saw the whole thing it was these two" she said lying as she walked over to the Dean.


Keahi ran up to them all and grabbed his sister from the young boy " what the hell are you doing to my sister?" he asked playing along with Elektra " Dad I just got here what is going on what is happening to her?" he asked as he walked into her room and laid her on the bed " Mattie wake up" he said softly.


As Keahi took her into his arms the humming stopped and she started to slowly wake up with all the voices slamming back into her head. she jumped up and ran to a corner off her room and started to cry " papa, make it stop please?" she called.


Keahi watched her before walking out of the room " this is why she should be under your roof" he said as he still was trying to blame it on the two boys. But he knew his father and knew that his dad would know it was him just because he was the only with access to the drugs that caused her to lose it besides the Dean himself.
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forget the last post sorry, I am going to hold off my post until few others have posted...  sorry for jumping the gun

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